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    GREEN HEALTH has been dedicated to researching the perfect ways to combine modern biotechnologies and natural plant essences. Upholding “green, health” in making its products, the company’s R&D faculty has been exploring and pursuing excellence so as to produce all-nature health-care products with higher application efficiency. The company’s products are marketed under the brand GREEN HEALTH and range from various supplements in forms of soft gel or liquid. Its products are made with precious essences extracted from strictly-selected organic plants and organisms by cutting-edge biotechnologies and latest scientific technologies. 

    GMP Global Nutrition Inc., based in the City of Chino Hills, California, was founded in 2013. It’s a dedicated supplier of quality health-care products including soft gel supplements, pills, capsules and so on based on its leading laboratory tests and global marketing strategies. GMP strives for producing excellent dietary supplements based on its innovative product formulas through advanced manufacturing and packaging technologies.